Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Ol' Funwich Days

I miss eating my fave ice cream during my childhood days -- no other than the FUNWICH! For some of you who are not familiar with this ice cream, Funwich is an ice cream sandwiched between two round shaped chocolate flavored biscuits. It was manufactured by Presto in the early 90s. I remember it had 2 flavors before -- chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

I was so addicted to this that I always skip recess to save money and buy funwich before going home. I even asked for "baon" from my classmates in order not to spend my money for lunch! hahaha.

I wonder why Presto stopped manufacturing this ice cream and why the other ice cream manufacturers in our country create their own version of Funwich. It would be a great hit for sure as there are lots of us out here craving for that mouth-watering round ice cream sandwich.

I became nostalgic about this Funwich because it has a resemblance to the famous ice cream in Singapore that we just had recently. My mom calls it "rectangle ice cream" because of its shape. My siblings and I had fun trying the different flavors of SG's version of their ice cream sandwich.

This is also SG's version of our dirty ice cream. Instead of the traditional cones, they use wafers. Other than the big block of ice cream, I would still prefer our own ice cream pandesal over SG's ice cream wafer. :)

Oh, I miss Pinas and of course the street foods everywhere! And cyemps, I miss Funwich! hehehe.

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  1. I remember eating this too! Masarap yun! hehehe.. Parang kasabayan ata ng tivoli ice cream.